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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Exactly. Blake would certainly need to get a new suit from Fox and a new vehicle.

I like that idea of Blake not even being needed and just there incase something goes wrong, with him feeding information to the GCPD through his inherited equipment and detective skills. But there's one thing that seems off about it. If nothing really dangerous happens during Blake's youth, and he just stays behind the computers once in a while (without extensive training or experience under any suit at all). Then what happens if something big happens after? There wont be time for Blake to handpick a successor and wont be able to train him physically.

So you can argue that Nolans intention was for the end to be Blake becoming the next suited crime-fighter.

And it still stands that this part is left to our imagination, and we dont have to see it.

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