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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Graphix Monster View Post
Gothams Reckoning, a friend of mine was going to help me take a cellphone speaker out and attach it in my mask. Most people have old cellphones laying around...

And hey all,
I got a nice mask to bring to you all's attention...
Everybody claims to have the best mask in different ways...
I let my mask speak for itself
Mask:Im not gonna lie, Im pretty spot on.

Watch a video of my brother wearing it:

Pictures at:

email me about it, Im planning on sellling them

Its made of polyurethane, really durable
made in usa,
blah blah blah
highly detailed
Thanks, check it out
Email sent. I love the look of this mask. It has the detail in its sculpt and, just as/more importantly, it has a realistic paint job. I am really digging your mask. You and Todd, I'm hunting both of you down, haha.

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