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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Guys like Alex Logan and Shauner probably thought "The Batman" was a better cartoon than "Brave and the Bold" (despite the fact that it's not) JUST because the former had the "proper" tone to it.

The irony is, without the Adam West TV show, Shauner and Logan would have no Nolan movies to viciously defend against critics.
Oh, so it's ok for you to like that cartoon, but it's not ok for them to not like it? Good to know your feelings on the matter.

Oh and God forbid they try to defend a particular version of Batman they like. It's not like you're doing the same with the 60's series.

Originally Posted by Chip Chipperson View Post
The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

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