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Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
As Filmnerdjamie and I were discussing earlier today, Super Bowl ads are more popular than ever. There are articles after articles talking about upcoming commercials and sites run them after the fact. Whether it be Doritos, Avengers, or Bud Light. Super Bowl ads have become part of pop culture.
Does it mean the movie won't succeed if they don't? No. I just think that is a missed opportunity to showcase the world's greatest hero.
Yes. But the ads that get analyzed and endlessly replayed tend to be those humorous/creative/controversial ones for beer, cars, etc. that are specifically made for the Super Bowl. Do the pundits typically pay much attention to more-or-less conventional movie trailers? Sure, the massive exposure is good. But if, on Monday morning, everyone’s talking about singing frogs or the hilarious Betty White, then the “calculus” of not getting a big enough bang from the sizable bucks becomes a factor.

Also - I’m not sure that the artsy, atmospheric tone of the trailer would play that well to the Super Bowl demographic. (“Oh, they’re making another Superman movie? Meh.”) Now of course, they could cut a 30 sec spot that’s jam-packed with action and money shots. But I get the impression that WB wants to dole out this stuff carefully and strategically. So showing “the goods” in February (for a June release) might have been considered "peaking too soon."

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