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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by OrgasmicPotatoe View Post
I have only read two superhero comic books in my entire life, The Killing Joke and Amazing Fantasy 15. And that was last summer. But I can swear I was well aware of who Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Nick Fury were before these movies.

You guys like to think Marvel superheroes are some kind of obscure, underground characters that no one out of the inner circles know of until they make blockbuters about them. Sorry, they're not.

As for The Avengers sequel's roster, I agree, Ant-Man ad Black Panther are definitive Avengers who more than deserve their roles in this franchise, as soon as possible. But I still think that somewhere along the way, Spider-Man (or/and Wolverine) should be part of it. Now, maybe it won't happen because of greedy studios who can't stand another studio making profit with the same product. But you know how close we were to actually having The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers crossing over ? Sony and Marvel had both agreed to have the Oscorp tower in TASM appear in The Avengers' New York skyline. At the moment the agreement was made, Marvel's CGI skyline had already been sent to be modelized, so it didn't happen. But the fact is that they both agreed. So I'd like to know how come some people here seem to know for a fact that these Universes will never cross paths ? It seems more like these people think if you repeat a lie over and over, it might become truth.

SPOILER ALERT : It does not.
Well, Blade is...

And yeah, we all know the Oscorp Building story. Having a little reference like that is one thing (like Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 2). But it's important to understand that it's an entirely different thing to have actual characters crossing over.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Some fanboys are just scared ****less that a genuine studio crossover is going to mess up the fragile continuity that they've dreamed up in their own heads. Even though every other fanboy and undoubtedly EVERY general audience member out there would easily grasp....and fervently wish for....the day when the Avengers and Spidey and the Fantastic Four and the X-Men all share the same real estate in Manhattan --- because, you know, that's the way it is in the actual comics we've been trying so hard to see brought to life --- the fact of the matter is that some people fear change. And spiders. And mutants, too, I guess.
Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Whether or not people want Sony's Spider-Man in the MCU doesn't bug me. Whether or not people are sure it will definitely happen doesn't bug me either. What bugs me the most though is how there are some people that think bringing in Spider-Man somehow will mess up the whole universe and create plot holes everywhere. There is nothing - absolutely nothing - to suggest that will be the case. Nothing from TASM contradicts the MCU and nothing from the MCU contradicts TASM. Questions like "Where was Spider-Man during the invasion?" and "Where was SHIELD when the Lizard attacked" and "How come Fury didn't recruit Spider-Man?" are all simple questions that for the most part don't even require the suspension of disbelief of comics in order to be answered. All they need is a bit of logical thinking. If superheroes were real and faced supervillain threats, they wouldn't always be there when needed to begin with. At least not all of them at the same time.

Heck, this "problem" applies to the Marvel comics a lot more than the MCU but no one complains. At least in the MCU, there are fewer superheroes (so far) and supervillains and also, not everyone operates only in New York. In fact, if TASM is canon, Spider-Man is currently the only superhero that operates in New York City on a constant basis.
I don't think the majority of people here have problems with the idea of bringing Spidey or the X-Men into the MCU--but I think it's useless to talk about it until the rights revert. To me, it's not a story/continuity issue--it's a legal/financial one.

The only exec who has said anything positive about characters crossing over while their rights are at different studios is Avi Arad, but when it's his word against Feige's and Tolmach's, I'm going with the latter. Everything is possible, but many things are quite unlikely.

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