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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Guys like Alex Logan and Shauner probably thought "The Batman" was a better cartoon than "Brave and the Bold" (despite the fact that it's not) JUST because the former had the "proper" tone to it.

The irony is, without the Adam West TV show, Shauner and Logan would have no Nolan movies to viciously defend against critics.
Don't assume things.

And even if i did enjoy The Batman for its tone, among other things (not saying that i do) over Brave and the Bold...then what the hell is it to you? And i guess i would be wrong in thinking this way? I dont think so bub.

Like ive said countless times before, you like what you like and im not trying to tell ANYBODY that u cant do so. But facts are facts, and the 50s/60s Batman (and Robin) is not what Batman was meant to be. It's far from it, it was a borderline spoof. And it was changed this way to reach more kids, and to follow the latest trend of all things "space" and "aliens". The show was a reflection of that, just toned down because of budget or whatever. It's ALL one big spoof of the original character. Batman is NOT a light/comedic character who can hang out with Superman for a few laughs on the job or hang with just about any Marvel hero if given the chance.

It wasnt designed that way and it's certainly not what it developed into once the 70's hit.

Burtons original Batman was just as accurate to the 1939 Batman than Wests was to the comics of their era. The difference is that Burtons is true to that original essence. Dark, some seriousness to balance out when it gets fun and out of hand, a loner, and something to fear.

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