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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

The only thing missing from TDKR is an extended shot of Batman gliding through the air like he did in the two movies that came before. Maybe during the final showdown they shouldve had batman glide down from the Batlobster to confront Bane instead of him appearing from the smokey crowd.

I loved seeing Batman glide in Begins, scaring the piss out of the escapees in the Narrows. I loved seeing him glide through China right before his apprehention of Lao. It was one of my favorite things about Nolans movies, Batman gliding through the air like a badass. It would have been great to see him gliding around Gotham one last time. The Batlobster is cool and all, and it serves an important purpose so i like it, but you really got the sense that he was Batman when he was gliding through the skies

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