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Originally Posted by STARMAN View Post
The Super Bowl gives you great exposure but to me it's overall effect is overrated. No one will be on line in June because of an ad they saw in Feb. Most have a short attention span.

With the Avengers they built up an audience over several years and gained great momentum. The other thing they did was create great buzz a few weeks before it opened by having a special screening and then everyone tweeted how great it was.
Advertisements are meant to reach as many people as possible. Just because we are Superman fans doesn't mean the average person is. The Superbowl provides an avenue to expand its awareness and continue the excitement. It's not just the Superbowl. It's the Superbowl parties, the bars and restaurants playing the games and the replays of the Superbowl TV spots on the internet and media days after the game. It would be a mistake to avoid one of the biggest events of the year and only have a last minute advertising blitz cause people have short memories. We may have rewatched the trailer multiple times but most people only see it once and need to be reminded.

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