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Default Re: State Your Opinion on a Character - Part 1

It's a new Image book I might try soon. From Comic Vine:

"Luther is your typical nerd, scrawny, clumsy, has glasses and is a target for bullies. Luther lives with his very timid mother (who seems terrified by the outside world, possibly due to an abusive relationship) and he has one best friend, Pete, who is also into comic books and video games as well as a nerd. Luther's new life started with a book. Desperate to finally get some respect, girls and get the bullies off his back he ordered "The Hercules Method." His miracle book instructs the reader to: "...focus the mind, body and spirit towards one goal. By bring all three into alignment, the physical enthusiast can bring all of them under conscious control." Unbeknownst by Luther practicing this he has developed some strange talents; incredible reflexes, a danger sense and strength."

Sounds like it could be Flex Mentallo meets Scott Pilgrim. Might be a load of bollocks, though.
Only one way to find out...

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