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Default Re: Dark Avengers - Blazing Logos

Originally Posted by James View Post
Batman's and Punisher's, those probably took what? Half an hour at the very least, maybe an hour if not more. Surely those guys have better things to do.

"Hey Batman it's the whole city is under the control of a mad terrorist and everyone's freaking out and dying and oh the drama, think you can get on down here real quick?"

"No problem Jim, just gimmie like...another twenty minutes to finish the left wing here."

Originally Posted by bbf2 View Post
Isn't the Fantastic Four one actually Johnny's symbol to let the other three know to come to that place, (sort of like the Bat signal) and not a "calling card?" I know that's how it was used in the comics, don't remember exactly regarding the movies.
Sure, that's why I wrote "...a giant "Z' as warning to his enemies he's coming after them, and as a sort of signal for Zorro and the "Legion" to assemble.
(Proto Bat-Signal?" ) the original Zorro's Fighting Legion one was used to both ends, hence the running theme.
To call his Legion to a spot when he needed them to assemble, and simultaneously as symbol not just to his enemies to let them know that he's out there watching them, but also to the people he protects, that he's out there watching over them.

It seems to serve several ends.
Since everyone can see it - allies, villains, and also the general populace, hence the impact.

Here is yet another instance- I guess Superman got in on it too?

(2009) - From Smallville
LOL is that a reverse "Z"?

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