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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by strugler View Post
Here is my post on the subject, and it has the quote that settles it for us fans
Thanks for using my MOA Quote and crediting properly, some people sometimes steal stuff from us. And thank you for putting the notice to be respectful, as these men spend countless hours on their work. Anyway,

I really couldn't care less if it was a continuation or not, I love A:EMH, and I can understand the fact that it is over. As for Avengers Assemble, I am very much looking forward to the series and I would be extremely fine with the fact that it is like USM, but without the fourth wall stuff because that would be a mess with multiple team mates. I'm sure there will be a small overlapping story like in Spidey, but the fact that people will write it off just because it is not a continuation is ****ing ridiculous. Listen guys, shows die and shows live, it's a cycle that definitely isn't new. Cartoon Network does it every couple of years. Comedy shows die, they bring in Action oriented shows, vice versa. I wrote a whole tumblr blog posts on reboots and ignorance, etc.

I just think people are being extremely disrespectful to the extremely hard, quality work that Man of Action, Paul Dini, Marvel Studios & DisneyXD are bringing to the table. Who cares if it's a continuation? If it's not and it's good, ya'll will even forget about this whole continuation mess.

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