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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatmanBeyond View Post
I don't know if it would've been necessary, but I would've loved to have seen Batman glide-kick Bane during that final fight. But that's just me.
I would have liked to see The Bat having the same opening in the bottom such as Nite Owl's Archie where Batman just flew down unto the street before he met Bane.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Why not? This was in the Narrows, too;

He's just on a lower building there.
So you're only just assuming it's the Narrows, because it definitely looks like it was in the middle of Gotham City where there's a mesh of brown and blue as we see in TDK.

No, he was listening to a broadcast signal by the Joker. Don't you remember the scene? He had his hand to his ear and you hear him listening to Joker say "8th and Orchard. You'll find Harvey Dent there".

But then you could say they could have had him do that ANYWHERE. Nolan chose a cool rooftop shot. A money shot.
Okay then, so the TDK and TDKR can both be shown as "money shots" and he's not even watching Gotham City(one could say the same for BB even). Still great shots of Batman over Gotham, though. And the theme is consistent in all three films.

Right. So your claim that there's no need for a gliding scene is nonsense. Cool shots of Batman are always welcome. It doesn't have to have some profound purpose.
Even if all three can be viewed as "money shots", they have a theme with all three with certain times of night with Batman still being shot in overlooking poses.

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
The shot of Batman on the bridge probably would have made more sense right before the war starts. Batman meets Gordon, frees the cops, then the bridge shot of day break. He's still wanted at this point, why would he just climb up there?
Before the film came out I always thought that scene was really meant for to be shown before a huge battle scene or even the last scene of the film since Nolan had always shown us the endings of BB and TDK already in their trailers.

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