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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

My problem with them being in the avengers movie is that right now, even though they are all marvel characters, spiderman is different from the xmen, they each are their own thing, just like the avengers are their own thing. Having them ALL exist in the same universe would be cool. However, putting spiderman and wolverine in a movie with the avengers (who at this point are their own thing, from a film's standpoint) would take away from hulk thor cap and ironman, and sort of become viewed as spiderman wolvering first. Having two big characters in a franchise with lesser known characters that worked its' way to the top would, in my eyes, take away from the avengers.

Given how the MCU isn't the comics, I'd say let the avengers stay to avengers, and let the mcu do what it's been doing, turning lesser known heroes into, well, stars. Adding Spiderman and Wolvering in the same FILM I feel like would take away from the avengers, and what they have done and brought into the spotlight as avengers. They aren't as big as spidy and wolverine, let the franchise grow without them

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