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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
So should they make Thanos CGI? Or do an actor with prostetics? If im not mistaken, they used an actor in prostetics for Thanos in the mid credits scene. The reason i ask is because i thought, correct me if im wrong, that Thanos in the comics has a physique simillar to the Hulk. This would be hard to achieve with an actor since Hulk in Avengers was like eightfeet tall and like 1,200 pounds from the look of him. So which route should they go for Thanos? CGI or prostetics and makeup? I always tend to favor practical effects to CGI where ever possible. Curious what others think.
I think they should do prosthetics with CGI effects on his body, to make him look bigger. He should be a little bit taller than Chris Hemsworth, and physically bigger, hence the cgi, or effects. I sort of imagined a prosthetic and mo cap, or aleast effects to Make Thanos appear taller, and bigger. He isn't as big as Hulk, but he is physically built pretty big.

and here with hulk

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
His physique was closer to Thors in my opinion.

I would prefer practical effects as much as possible over cgi. They're getting good but the tech still isn't quite there. Hulk still looked like a cartoon amongst the Avengers.
I would prefer effects as well, just some cgi may be needed for his mass, and I am not sure where you are getting a similar physique to Thor from lol

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
I didnt know Thanos had a physique similar to Thors in comics. Thanks for clearing that up. If thats the case, practical effects would be appropriate. I agree CGI has come a long way, but i too prefer practical effects.
That's because he doesn't have a similar physique to Thor lol. Thanos is bigger and more muscular than thor, it's really not that close, just look at the pictures, Thanos at his worst drawings still seems more muscular, and bigger.

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