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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post

Would have been a better entrance than "So you came to die with your city?" "No, I came to stop you."
Nearly anything would be better than that awful comeback line.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
What a bizarre assessment. It's a symbolic shot to show that Batman is back watching over Gotham.
No, it's not. It's money shot thrown in on Batman's trip to meet Catwoman and find Bane. Why would he be watching over the city when he has a specific place to go at a specific time to find the current greatest threat to Gotham?

It was a needless, pointless cool shot of Batman. Nothing more.

Just because you decided to reduce it to nothing doesn't mean that's what it was.
Whereas you deciding to make something up about a meaningless fancy shot of Batman standing on a bridge on his way to meet Catwoman is so valid.

Nice hypocrisy.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
So you're only just assuming it's the Narrows. because it definitely looks like it was in the middle of Gotham City where there's a mesh of brown and blue as we see in TDK
Since it's the scene right after Batman took down Falcone in the Narrows, yes.

But since you insist on pushing this point, then lets entertain your argument and say you're right. Then it's just another money shot isn't it. So you're essentially backing up my point. Needless money shots of Batman just standing there are inserted into the movies. TDK's was Batman listening to the Joker, not watching the city. TDKR's was Batman on his way to meet Catwoman, so why would he be stopping on a bridge to watch the city?

You're essentially arguing against yourself there, but hey I won't complain.

Okay then, so the TDK and TDKR can both be shown as "money shots" and he's not even watching Gotham City(one could say the same for BB even). Still great shots of Batman over Gotham, though.
Right. So lets get back to the original point of all of this; your statement that a gliding shot shouldn't be done unless it's necessary.

Why can we have this needless cool money shots of Batman just standing on bridges and buildings, but a shot of Batman gliding into a battle scene or gliding anywhere is deemed unnecessary to you?

Even if all three can be viewed as "money shots", they have a theme with all three with certain times of night with Batman still being shot in overlooking poses.
So what? We know he was just standing there listening to the Joker in TDK. He wasn't watching anything. So that renders that argument useless. We know he was on his merry way to meet Selina to find Bane in TDKR's. Why would he be stopping on a bridge in the middle of the water to scope out his city? So that's another one rendered useless.

So again these shots were not necessary at all. They were just put in for visually pleasing purposes, just like a gliding shot would be. So you have no valid reason to argue against one, have you.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Yeah, at first I was struggling to come up with a literal reason for the bridge shot, then I realized it was a both just a money shot/visual metaphor.
Ah some common sense at last.

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