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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

I love the rocket-launching, mind-controlled penguins in BATMAN RETURNS. It's classic Cobblepot stuff.

Batman said "Shut up, you're going to jail" to Schreck for a couple of reasons. Schreck was working with The Penguin politically. In the course of this partnership, at Shreck's behest, The Penguin used the Red Triangle Circus gang in acts of terrorism to upset the political balance, which Batman, knowing Schreck's involvement, already suspected. The Penguin was then involved in the kidnapping plot after being initially provided access to the records he sought by Schreck. That, and Schreck tried to kill Selina, which was revealed when she confronted him, just before Batman saved him.

Also, Max stole a key from that monkey.

I think Schreck was, at the very least, an accessory to various crimes, and there were clearly illegal elements to his political actions and his business endeavors. It's not a stretch to assume he would have been arrested and investigated and spent some time in jail based on the events of the film, though Selina obviously disagreed.

We didn't see the evidence, but then it wasn't exactly a film about the judicial process.

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