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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

None of that could convict Schreck. What proof is there Schreck told Penguin to do any of that? It was verbal. Who's going to testify he did? A dead Penguin? The city gave Oswald access to the birth records. He was looking for his family roots, or so he claimed. You can't connect Schreck to that kidnap plot because no evidence exists that he knew about it because he actually didn't, especially since his own son was on the list.

What has Max stealing the key from the monkey got to do with anything?

Max was Gotham's Santa Claus. Their version of Harvey Dent in terms of saintly do gooder image for the people. This movie was very much about evidence to prove criminal behavior. The Penguin used incriminating evidence Max flushed in the sewers to blackmail him into helping him. The Penguin stole and used one of Batman's batarangs as evidence to frame him for the kidnap of the Ice Princess. Batman voice recorded the Penguin saying nasty things about Gotham's people and then played it in front of them to expose his true colors. Selina read secret files about Max's energy sucking power plant and that's why he tried to kill her.

So unless Batman magically unearthed some incriminating evidence in the time between Penguin crashing the party and the finale scene, I still say that line made no sense. Max is kidnapped and locked up by Penguin, and suddenly he's going to jail?

No, doesn't make sense.

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