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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Nor does Batman say "Shut up, you're going to be convicted of (a specific crime with specific evidence)". It might well not get him convicted. But it would definitely get him investigated. It might well get him sent to jail during this process.
Do you really think Batman meant all of that that when he said you're going to jail lol?

Come on, Guard.

I don't know. I never said the film explored what evidence Batman had on Schreck's crimes. Only that the reason he says "Shut up you're going to jail" is fairly obvious.
Not to me it's not. If someone tells someone they're going to jail, the only thing anyone will think is they're going to jail for a considerable amount of time. Not some brief investigative time period jail sentence.

The monkey key thing was a joke.
Oh sorry. That one flew over my head

Except that he actually wasn't. Bruce more or less knew it, Batman knew it, as did Selina.
I know he wasn't, I'm saying that's how he looked to Gotham City. Two people. Bruce and Selina, knowing how bad he is but having nothing to prove it, isn't going to help put him away.

There being evidence utilized in the movie doesn't mean that the movie itself was about using evidence to prove criminal behavior. You're missing the point. Its not a police/law procedural. Us not seeing the actual evidence Batman would need for Schreck to go to jail is largely irrelevant, because that is not the focus of the film.
No, you're missing the point. I'm not saying it's a judicial process movie. I'm saying the movie relies several of it's major plot points on using ACTUAL evidence to convict or condemn or frame someone.

This is a world where evidence is obviously vital to get the goods on someone or make them look like criminals and be arrested. So when Batman tells Schreck he's going to jail, it's only natural and logical you'd wonder how and why when not a darn thing was shown or mentioned to make such a thing happen out of the blue.

Sure Batman can say anything he wants. I don't know about you, but I prefer it when Batman says things that make sense.

In context, the line makes perfect sense. Batman, who is fairly aware of Schreck's crimes, wants Schreck to go to jail. That's all the line inherently means.
Really. Makes you wonder why he didn't tell Penguin he was going to jail then when he confronted him earlier in the movie after learning he runs the Red Triangle gang but couldn't prove it

And keep in mind, Batman's statement is immediately QUESTIONED by Selina. It's not meant to be absolute, it's meant to be pored over. Catwoman doesn't think the law applies to people like them, or Bruce and Selina. Schreck's situation is indicative of this.
It's not questioned. Selina makes some BS statement about the law not applying to people like Schreck or her and Batman, to which Batman says she's wrong on both counts.

Another funny statement from Batman, considering Batman gets away scot free with killing criminals lol.

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
There's also one perspective no one has brought up. It is possible that Batman may simply have said "Shut up. You're going to jail." just to keep Catwoman from killing Shreck; he was drawing a verbal line in the sand of sorts, trying to get thru to Selina during those moments. I think it's clearly possible because in that moment, Bruce is only concerned with Selina.
Now that I can buy.

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