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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Nope: $650,000 x $10 = $6.5 Million. They would need to sell 6.5 million copies to get $65 million.

Then you take off the overheads (costs for making the DVD/Blu-Rays, packaging, distribution, retail mark-up and tax etc), and they are maybe getting 50% of whatever total the sales reach back in their pocket.

However the market doesn't end with DVD & Blu-Rays. There's the cable/satellite and tv rights to come, as well at netflix and so on.

So in the long run...considering they cannot have spent much on the marketing, they might get their budget back and maybe enough money on top with interest/positive feedback from all these post theatre markets to go for another film.

We can only hope for that at the moment though after the theatrical run disaster.
It seems to be doing well on DVD/BD here in the UK as well, 2 days after it came out there were no copies left in my local Tesco, so hopefully with it doing well internationally they can quickly make a profit.

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