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Originally Posted by Rust View Post
Yeah, I think that would've been a very appalling and tasteless move, bordering on disgusting. And would've been distracing. Of course, I dont have any idea of how much of a deal they would've made out of it within the movie, but I would still just see it as a cheap trick to get some more PR. PR that might've overshadowed the actual movie. For a commercial it's fine, but for a movie it's tacky.
Giving Christopher Reeve a cameo (especially what they had in mind), would have been a very tasteful and classy move. The guy not only was (and still is) considered the definitive Superman but was also looked upon as a real life hero as well, for what he had overcome.

I don't see how a Reeve cameo would have been anymore distracting than Stan Lee appearing in Marvel films or Lou Ferrigno having cameo's in both modern Hulk films, etc.

Christopher Reeve's appearance on Smallville was even one of the show's highlights and most memorable moments.

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