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Default Re: The Official Jimmy Olsen Casting & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kalonthar View Post
I'd say that they'd think that depends on the change itself. Either way, I'm not talking about what's PC or not. I just found it disappointing that some people on other sites like the idea simply because they can use it to troll those who don't like the idea, whether it's because those who are against it don't like the change because it's not part of the mythos or because they think PC is getting out of hand. Or because they think the sun is trying to murder them with skittles or any number of reasons.
I don't condone trolling and I don't have a problem with people who are purists about things like this as I myself am a purists about certain things. That being said usually PC is code word for "I want to be a dick to the less powerful without being criticized for it." Not always but usually.

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