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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

I hear a lot of the fans saying that they want Days of Future Past to erase X-men 3 and Wolverine, because they don't like them. I don't see that happening. I believe many of the weaknesses of X-men 3 spawned from X-men and X2. Let's pick two... Cyclops dying and Rogue getting the cure. Cyclops was overly neglected by Singer to begin with, so killing him off to give Phoenix turmoil makes sense. You hate X-men 3 because of Cyclops? Singer takes at least some responsibility. Rogue is also partly Singer's fault as well. He just made her a weak, tortured character. If she would have gotten her powers (like every other version of her) then she could at least live her tortured life with the hope of helping others as a hero. But who was she in Singer's version... she did not have much to offer, so when she should have rejected the cure for the sake of helping others, she accepted because she doesn't really help others that well and wants the have a normal life. There was no reason for her NOT to take the cure because of how Singer made her. Point being, we have to accept the weaknesses and strengths of all the X-men movies. They ALL have weaknesses... Creed was much better in Origins Wolverine then X-men. The first X-men movie, with Magneto making a machine to turn humans into mutants... was a really weak story in my opinion. Star Trek fans do hate certain Star Trek movies, but they have to accept them because they are part of the series. I for one am tired of people saying things repeatedly over and over again, when we already realize it, just to complain.

I would like days of future past to fix the contradictions the studio has made for the series. I see X-men from a new future (one not of the original trilogy) where sentinels have taken over, come back into the past to change an event to create a new future (which will end up being the original trilogy). As far as the future is concerned. I wish X-men the best of luck in continuing with the same cast, of new and old, to make good movies consistent to the series. I however do believe it's probably a good idea to plan out a progression, because they have been just going with no direction, and probably should plan out what they want the end of the series to be. I don't think Fantastic Four should be apart of X-men, for good reason.

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