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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by acedrake View Post
I wish they would just forget kryptonite all together. It was a plot device back in the days because superman was too powerful, now days they don't need kryptonite, superman isnt as strong as he used to be and just about anyone can go toe to toe with superman without kryptonite.
Kryptonite is essential to the mythology of the character and that's just something you don't tamper with. In fact people who don't even know anything about Superman know the origin of the term "kryptonite" and what it signifies, not just within the context of Superman but in everyday life. Every single person you know has at one point or another used the word "kryptonite" to describe something in their life they consider a great weakness. It's apart of our lexicon now.

I've always thought kryptonite was a metaphor for money. Not only is it green, but it's the one thing that brings man to it's knees. Just look at all the wonderful things Superman is capable of when he's not in the presence of it. It begs the question what would we be capable of if we weren't bound by it's constraints. We as a people can soar the skies if we choose but instead we're weighed down by this green rock. It makes us weak and feeble. It's what has corrupted our civilization.

I'm sorry. I can't imagine a Superman movie without kryptonite involved in some capacity. And seeing as how Lex Luthor embodies everything Superman stands against, I want him to be the one that introduces it.

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