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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

I step off the Blackbird with the others behind me, and I sniff the air, attempting to get any and all sign of what's to meet us here. But I get nothing. Just like the last time. There's something about this damned island. Something unnatural about it.

But I can't worry about that now. Not with these kids behind me and the others in government custody.

Turning to my team, I begin to bark out orders, "Nightcrawler."


"Stick to the trees. As high as you can go. It's almost dark, so you'll be hidden. Storm."


"Keep a layer of fog on the island, or as much as you can. Cover our movements just like in the simulation. Colossus, Animal Man, you're with me. Buddy, keep your strongest up and keep some thick skin. We don't know what these guys will be packing. Fire, keep behind us. You're a last ditch effort until we get out of the forest."

We head out into the jungle, all tentative on what we might fine. If the data I recovered and Charles's instincts are correct, we have something dangerous on our hands here. If these Sentinels are real, they could easily take us out and we'd never leave this place.

"It's quiet," I say to Colossus and Animal Man.

"A little-"

"Don't," I cut Buddy off.


"What do you think, big guy?" I ask Piotr before a sound of a snapping twig about a hundred yards in front of us draws my attention. Sniffing the air reveals nothing, and of course the fog gets in the way of my sight.

But it doesn't matter. Before long, I see what's coming for us. A man slams into my chest knocking me into the ground hard. I slam my fist into his face, but it barely does anything. He smiles at me as he begins to throttle me, so I resort to driving my claws into his sides. Recoiling in pain, he flings himself off me.

But he's not alone, I hear more approaching, "Everyone get ready!"

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