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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Lol like I've said I only know the general plans. I still have to guess at things and fill in the blanks, which is why I'll constantly admit the finer details could be incorrect.

When they hire on directors they aren't looking to immediately force the connections on individual directors. They allow choice in the matter...

Which means characters that were sometimes planned to be used can have alternatives offered by the studio to better match the story the writers and directors are telling. While still securing the overall progression of certain things...

Yet there was always a plan to use Radioactive man and some of those rumors have elements of truth to them.
As I've been hinting certain things change and certain things may reappear.
The villain Whedon talked about in his early draft of Avengers will most definitely crop up again... How soon that is I can't be sure. His story can be worked in here if they chose to place it here.
it's looking less and less likely we'll be getting obvious Ultron references, If radioactive man is a significant factor in this plot...

I came to believe that Radioactive Man was no longer the plan. And Egghead/Pegg became the plan for the secondary villain in Ant Man. Whichever way they go, this movie is going to connect to Ant Man in some way and I'll stick by that general statement.

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