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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Musty002 View Post
so he is a terrorist whos 10 rings represent 10 different terrorists organisation he controls. So no alien tech or any kind of amor suit.

Interesting, is he basicaly doing what Ras and bin laden (without the religous ideology) is doing?
Some of the terrorist organizations he controls are masquerading as businesses. AIM is one of these. He even acts like the owner of Oracle, and an Oracle himself of some of what's to come... The owner of Oracle we're left unsure about... accounting for early rumors about Namor.. Only because this is where the Atlantis seeds have been threaded along. Hammer could still be part of this too... So he has a lot of powers coming from each organization that act as his powers via science and each symbol represents some of those powers (his powers from the comics) mento-intensifier and matter rearrangement being important. Some may even relate directly to who he assigns as the corresponding ring wearer from each organization.
There's some sort of power theme to the rings in addition to representing each group/character/member of a group he controls.
Coldblood and Firepower are his cold and firepower rings symbolically.
Each power theme is necessary to his criminal Empire.
I've been saying variations of this for a while, but with Stane and Raza already having rings in the earlier movies I knew this angle was most likely.
Which means each symbol will be important, the extent of which I don't really know. But they are still his powers and the dragon symbol could still mean something more to Mandi in later movies. IMO he starts to reveal what each symbol means through a series of scenes but is cut off in the finale and doesn't finish telling us what the other symbols correspond to that would have completed his Empire. He may lose some fingers too, and then return again in later movies.

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