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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Definitely put me in the "non" 2 movie camp too. If given a choice between splitting it into 2 parts and adding another 10-15 minutes, I'd definitely go with the latter. But I'll gladly take the film as is over it being spit into two films. I just feel very strongly that splitting it up would have really disrupted the emotional experience of witnessing Bruce's entire journey in one sitting. I think it would have diluted the impact. I remember there were rumors that WB wanted Nolan to do this, I was against it then and I'm against it now.
I think there's something to be said for suspense and cliffhangers. Once upon a time, we had these things called 'serials'... It could have been brilliant as two, but I agree that an extra like 20 minutes probably would have sufficed very nicely.

As long as we can squeeze in some more fleshing out of Bane's character and ideology, have a rooftop chase with Batman and Catwoman (in the snow), and give Scarecrow some time to help tear up Gotham a bit, I'm all smiles.

And we could also round out Foley better too, I guess. haha

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