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Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
A rating already? With over 4 months to go? Im not too familiar with all the processes of the rating system so perhaps someone can shed some light on this. Does this mean that there is a final cut of the movie already? Doesn't make much sense to have something rated only to have another cut rated down the road. Or is this so that they can determine how far they can go with violence? But again they should know that already so...yeah. I didn't expect a rating until at least April so I'm a bit surprised.
Generally yeah the filmmakers have to submit a cut of the film intended for theaters. If it passes and gets the rating the studios want, like in this case a PG-13, then the cut of the film submitted would have to be locked, if Snyder was to alter the cut by adding or removing scenes now he'd have to resubmit the movie for another rating.

Regarding the Kryptonians but didn't a leaked casting sheet confirm this? Curious if the call sheet was for filming in Plano, IL as that would confirm their scenes would be on Earth and not Krypton.

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