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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

I have some questions-

1) Do you think any of Avengers 2 will be shot in IMAX/4K like TDKR was? After the success of the first film and it's legions of fans it more than desrves it.

2) Is it true that MS and Sony pictures made a deal to have the Oscorp building appear in The Avengers and Stark Tower appear in TASM but they could not get it done in time? And do you think this or a Spidey appearence will transpire in A2?

3) Will it be explained in Thor 2 how he was able to get back to Midgard for The Avengers after he destroyed the bifrost, and will we see Loki punished?

4) What the hell happened to the Red Skull at the end of Captain America?

5) Has it been confirmed there will be an Edgar Wright directed mid/post credit scene for IM3 ft. Ant-Man? And when can we expect a casting announcement for Pym?

6) Is the Ant-Man film phase 2 or 3?

7) Was S.H.E.I.L.D.'s Phase 2 program in The Avengers a reference/in joke to the MCU's Phase 2?

8) Seeing as he is contracted to six films, which if any phase two films do you think Ruffalo will appear in?

9) How the hell is Coulson in the S.H.E.I.L.D. TV show when he died?

10) That bit at the beginning of The Avengers when Fury is stalling Loki and co because he means to bury them 'like the pharaohs of old', was that him willing to commit suicide to prevent Loki escaping with the cube?

And here are the things I am hoping to see in phase 2/3-

1) That 'Avengers' Towers is fixed up by A2 and that the Avengers are operating out of it, with perhaps a greater degree of autonomy from S.H.E.I.L.D.

2) That Cap/Iron Man yells 'Avengers Assemble!' in A2.

3) Hulk talking more in A2, and being a part of conversations. It still felt like they did not quite know how to broach this and were still afraid of it in The Avengers. He not a strategist or a great mind, he is after all savage Hulk, but he should sometimes chip in with basic stuff or how he feels.

4) I want to see an R rated MS film. Punisher done right. He wouldn't have to be in an Avenger's movie, cept for maybe a reference. Perhaps just how Cap feels about him being out there after watching a news report.

5) Planet Hulk film in Phase 3, nuff said.

6) Dr Strange film in Phase 3. And I want to see the wand of watoomb!

7) If they are gonna do The Infinity Gauntlet in A2, they need to do a deal with Fox so they can use the Surfer. You can't do that story without him. That bit where the Surfer tries to swipe the Gauntlet from Thanos on Strange's command is one of the most epic scenes in the history of marvel Comics. To see that in a film would be amazing. Also if they go the IG route I'd love to see thanos kill all the heros on his outer space construct half way through the film as it happens in the book, as that would be such a powerful and shocking scene for the GA.

8) S.H.E.I.L.D. TV show- We need to see Fury, Hill & the Hellicarrier every so often to connect it to the films.

9) I don't want anymore Iron Man films after 3.

10) I want A2 to be shot in IMAX/4K.

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