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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play


The production of the student stage play “Fathers of the Dark Knight” continues to march forward! But the production has grown into something much bigger and more elaborate than my original concept.

As of last month, The Joker’s adorable (but twisted) hench-wench HARLEY QUINN was cast in the personage of a highly energetic and very talented 17 year-old Bronx high school student. She and I are working closely together to really nail Harley’s accent and dialect and fighting style. Make-up and costume test photos to follow.

One final photo shoot (for fund-raising glamor shots) is scheduled for February 16th. This shoot will feature ALL of our fantasy characters (except The Joker and The Penguin who will be cast closer to the start of rehearsals), together for the first time in one shoot!

Since my last update, I have been hard at work creating (or gathering together) more props and costumes for the play (Re: Final utility belt and updated boots for The Batman, Ravenwood leather masks for Robin, Riddler and Harley Quinn, updated boots for Nightwing, The Riddler’s final question mark staff (actually gold-mirrored this time, Harley Quinn’s giant mallet and pop cork gun… too much to list).

This production has now teamed with Bronx Heroes Comics (of New York City) to begin a concentrated sponsorship drive (through Kickstarter, Fundrazar, USA, and the Bronx Arts Council). These efforts begin in earnest at the end of February / early March to raise the necessary production capital to reserve a theater venue and begin rehearsals! Many of you have already friended me on Facebook (Roberto Williams of Brooklyn, NY), so that you can be kept abreast of opportunities to donate to the production. Well, stay tuned because that’s coming up really soon now.

Okay… I present HARLEY QUINN

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