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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Repulsor Blast View Post
I can't wait til it's the 28th and we get some more footage (and a poster too i heard)

As for this pale green guy. I reckon eric savin gets injured in the air force one sequence, either needs extremis surgery to live, or volunteers as a way of getting back at iron man (who wasn't responsible for the plane attack due to a hacked suit. i say this because iron man would never rip a whole in an air craft with innocent ppl on it on purpose). he then becomes a mallen-coldblood type villain and is the mandarin's main muscle against tony.

meanwhile, rhodey eventually gets replaced by ashley hamilton in the iron patriot suit and goes back to his war machine platform.

tony gets blamed for the air force one attack, his name becomes mud. iron man is eliminated (or so we think; he survives the mansion assault). that leaves rhodey, who is a hero in the public eye and an american symbol. that's why mandarin replaces him somehow with ashley hamilton's character. evil iron patriot can then get close to the government without having to worry about iron man's interference.

that's until rhodey and tony come back and boom, epic action ensues.

i reckon the above outline of mandarin's plan is in line with a clever terrorist figure such as mandarin.

I want this to be the plot!

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