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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
Okay, logic...

Avengers part one won. What if part two doesn't while at the same time Justice League does? Don't you think this could change a a lot?
No.1, this thread is about "Avengers 2". They've shown that they have the ability to put out a monster WITHOUT someone like Spidey so if Avengers 2 faces box office difficulties, how is it you automatically assume Marvel Studios shelling out $$$ to use the rights to Spiderman solves that issue for the 3rd?

You're whole premise is based on your own determination that the two "face guys" like Batman & Superman will be the reason a Justice League movie does well. The movie still has to be good and have a director who knows WTF he's doing.

I don't know where anyone gets off thinking that a studio like Sony would want one of it's tentpole properties pawned off to a competing studio. They want him to be known as Sony's Spiderman, not Disney/Marvel Spiderman. It's the whole reason they bought his rights in the first place.

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