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Default Re: Random things you want to see happen

Originally Posted by WildcatNC View Post

I admit that its improved each outing though. Its not hard with all that money to bring in a good choreographer. Hell, I could have done better than whoever they had do it in his last two appearances. I've been training and teaching MA for 20+ years, have film/choreography training and would have done it for free. Surely they can find someone for a good sized check to give him his due.
Ya, they've really skimped out on the Cap fight scenes for the most part. I look at the Bourne movies and wish we could get even just a fraction of that (obviously not talking about the bloodier stufff as Disney would never go for it).

That Blonksey scene where he does the aerial over Hulk is definitely above and beyond anything we've seen from Cap thus far.

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