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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

^ I agree with everything except Scarecrow helping on tearing up Gotham. He was fine in his cameo as a judge, but I don't think Crane should've done anything more.

I wouldn't have cared if we got either of those ideas, tbh. A two-parter TDKR or just a one longer film would've only made me more excited of the final product, but I think if IMAX wasn't an issue, we would have only gotten a longer The Dark Knight Rises as I've mentioned once before, Nolan didn't seem like someone that wanted to give us a two-parter ending, only just a core beginning, middle and end. A 3 hours, or 3 hours and plus film would've been the likeliest outcome.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I'm guessing the tighter neck makes it hard on his breathing/speech.

Or it could be that the TDK/R suit is (according to Bale) much heavier than the BB suit, so he's always straining a bit.
Most likely a mix of both with it being heavier and it straining Bale's throat. But yah, there was no way around from Bale making that face.

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