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Default Re: The Official Jimmy Olsen Casting & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
This really sucks. I'm not sexist but, come the hell on - it would easy to change Cat Grant into being whatever the hell this Jenny character is. The audience isn't familiar with Cat and the only difference would be a name. Leaving Jimmy to still be the same character we all know and to include both of them instead of some weird amalgamation. If people say, well his obsession over Superman would seem to be placed better with a woman... okay, if you really want PC - make him gay. That's PC and true to some adaptations at least.
This post deserves two thumbs up. There's no good reason to make Jimmy a woman other than to "spice things up" for the sake of being different.

Other posters can spin this any way they'd like, but it really boils down to this: it's a stupid, pointless change. And for those saying that Jimmy isn't an important character to the mythos, so what does matter anyways...this thread clearly shows that he does matter.

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