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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

We got Angel on screen for 5 Minutes.A Juggernaut out of ultimate line.Multiple man as Villain.Callisto miscast and having powers she never had In comcis.

The Avengers Isn't fair compassion since you had 2 Iron Man films and a Thor and Captain America film before Avengers.and Avengers like all marvel films has changes made.Plus the Disney/Marvel Studios films are mostly taken from Ultimate marvel line.If you are like me and started reading comics In 1980's or 1990's(Depending on your age)
MS films aren't for you.They mocked the classic Comic Captain America costume In First Avenger.Bruce banner In The Avengers wasn't the banner classic 616 fansknow he basiclly was David banner from Hulk Tv show.Tony Stark Is mostly taken from Ultimates.Stark,Black Widow,hawkeye,and Nick fury In The Avengers are taken from Ultimates
and Banner Is taken from TV show.That Is half the cast right there not based on what Is now known as 616 universe.

The more we have these Fox VS DIsney wars breaking out It just makes me want to see Disney/MS films less.

Anyone who does X-Men has a much harder job than the Avengers.

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