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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Alright, I'm not a screenwriter or someone of Nolan's caliber, but here's what I would have liked to have seen. This would hopefully still preserve most of the themes Nolan was going for. Basically I would like to cut out the unnecessary characters like John Blake and Talia, and focus on the heart of the story. I also don't like the nuke plot - I'd prefer Bane to actually want to rule Gotham.

- Film opens with Batman on the run from the cops, about two years after the events of TDK. He is clearly tired, worn, and injured. Gordon is trying to call off the cops... to create a path through which Batman can escape... but a stray bullet causes an explosion in the building and Batman is presumed dead.

- Jump forward to six years later. Bruce Wayne is in hiding after the failure of his energy project. He had to give up being the Batman to recover from his injuries, which took a heavy toll. Both his energy project and his attempts to save Gotham seem to have failed. Gotham is still corrupt (no Dent act). Gordon is much more grim after Batman's supposed death. His wife and children have left him, and he feels there may be no real hope for Gotham.

- Enter Bane. He's a mercenary followed by what remains of the League of Shadows (disbanded after Ra's death). He begins to set up his takeover of Gotham. Bruce sees this as an opportunity to return to his cape and cowl. Alfred warns him not to and leaves, just as in the film. Batman makes what seems like a triumphant return, to Gordon's joy, but then Batman encounters Bane and gets broken and cast into the Pit. Again, it seems that the Batman is dead.

- Bane takes over the city, closes it off, and rules over it like a mad dictator, threatening to spread a lethal virus known as Venom throughout the populace if anyone tries to escape. The only one who believes there is still hope is Jim Gordon, who knows that the Batman disappeared once before, and still believes Batman will return.

- Batman returns from the pit as in the movie, and the movie progresses from there with Batman saving Gotham. There is no Talia in the film. Catwoman is redeemed as a character (just as in the film). Bane, when he thinks he has lost, tries to destroy both himself and Batman, and seemingly does. But Batman uses the opportunity to fake his death one last time. He leaves as Bruce Wayne to live a normal life. Gotham is redeemed - inspired by Batman's example, the people save their city. Gordon reunites with his family.

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