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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
The suggestions of Firepower and even The Leader as the "pale green veiny guy" actually make sense. Although Firepower definitely doesn't fit that description, it's possible that he's being "Whiplashed" into an "In Name Only" amalgam of characters....possibly a combination of Firepower and Radioactive Man. Remember that scene from the trailer of the Hiroshima-style shadows (father and child...?) flash-blasted into the wall at Chattanooga....? Suggests some sort of mini-nuke explosion or weapon. Maybe it was Taggert as a soldier/citizen, and he got disintegrated/reintegrated. Or irradiated. And came back as Something Else (i.e., Firepower/Radioactive Man), who blames Tony for making him into a monster.

The Leader is a fascinating possibility, since we know that seed was already planted in TIH. It'd be an odd crossover without Ruffalo/Hulk present, though.

Another possibility is that the "pale green veiny guy" is Mandarin himself. We know the Extremis virus causes people to go all *black* and veiny in the comics, but of course, Mallen isn't in this movie, so somebody else is obviously filling in for the role of Voluntary Test Subject. Could be that Mandarin gives himself the Extremis virus, and this is his "powered up" state.
The way I see it they could kind of give Taggert and Coldblood the Mallen treatment and sort of spread it across the two. I'm thinking it does have more to do with Mallen's role from the comics and kind of has to do with the veiny description. Looking more like Stark's chest in IM2 but completely covered in that stuff from the nano-tech running through the body and actually converting it in a mallen like way. But actually converting them to the Mandarin's will at the same time. Some of the rings might still have extremis related powers. The mento intensifier ring might let him take full control of their nervous systems... employing the nerve neutralizer he had Stane make in IM1 to shut down the brain.. Tony controls tech. Mandarin is far more sinister, he wants to literally control a human being and program them to be part of his Extremis army.

But I have to admit now I'm thinking that green guy can't be Taggert.
It would be too early in the story if he's turning green, and still has to hijack the Patriot for Mandi. Maybe he doesn't get tricked into it so much as forced into it by one of Mandarin's powers.

If it wasn't for that scene where it looks like something blasted the shadow into the wall I would say it's prob not Radioactive Man. But because that's there I do really think Radioactive Man could be in this movie in some way. One of the rings has to do with the radioactive theme in some ways, so Radioactive man could be part of his terrorist network, in disguise, one of his rings/powers and infiltrates the field of nuclear medicine before joining it with technology. Isn't completely controlled or an Extremis soldier like Coldblood and Taggert.

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