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Default Re: Favourite batman director

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
As a Batman film it leaves quite a lot to be desired.
this is exactly how i feel about TDK and TDKR. tim burtons 2 films are far more batman then nolans 2 sequels. as batman films they just suck to me. i was able to get over the fact that batman drives a tank in the new ones, in the hopes he would aquire more bat-centric vehicles later on. instead all he got was a tumbler lite motorcycle and a giant lobster transformer toy. LAME. tim burton gave us not only the ultimate batmobile but the coolest batplane and then the batboat. all have the slick bat design. i even thought the Forever vehicles were great too, even with the blue neon. but the tank tumbler stuff just never felt "batman" to me. i remember thinking oh great, more GI joe toys. batmans point is that he obsessed with his creation, thus his vehicles have a bat-look to them and hes got batsymbols everywhere. but no, he just goes to fox like his own personal Q and just borrows stuff.

the only nolan batman film i really liked was batman begins. the narrows was how ALL of gotham should have looked. not just one part of it. the other 2 movies were just chicago renamed gotham. creativly speaking, the nolan films are dull visually which is ironic considering they are based on a visual medium of comic books. they look more like bond movies of the 90's then they do batman films.

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