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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
If your telling me the X-men films are only ones to make changes and all other films especilly Marvel studios are faithful then yes I strongly disagree.

If you are fan of Ultimate line then of course you love marvel studios films.But If like me you hate the ultimate line you have problems with Disney/MS

I don't understand why some on other SH threads attack mark Millar since a lot of his work Is Inspiration for MS not the Classic work.

Before the Dark Knight rises I defended Chris Nolan's take to some but now that It Is going to be rebooted again I was attacked as hating everything for not liking all these
reboots and for stating Nolan's trilogy was a waste of time since Batman will be rebooted again.Which as I hate to tell people means all other films you are now saying didn't happen.
Im cool with most the the Ultimate 616 mash ups in Marvels films. Havnt bothered me much at all. X Men has had more characters that are not given their due at all. And as an X Men fan above any other Marvel comic characters that has pissed me off over and over again. I know alot of it is the studio behind it, but some of Singers takes and choices I have disagreed with as well. So gonna have to Agree to disagree there.

I dont have a problem with Bats getting another reboot in some form though, DKR was the last Nolan world Bat film I needed to see. As long as we dont have to see Batmans origin again, Im cool with having a new take.

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