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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
Over exaggerating much? He's not been announced as THE MAIN villain yet... We also have winter soldier and crossbones as well. I also assume AIM will play a big role
It's not too surprising he's in there. When you look at it, Cap 2 is shaping up to be quite the team movie. Fury, Cap, Falcon and Widow are all going to be seeing a lot of action. They need lots of characters for the team to take on.
if Zemo shows up and an actual fight with Zemo or Zola ensues the other characters need some people to contend with throughout the end of the story.
I think the reason there are even three villains announced already is because Winter Soldier is only the overall theme of the movie, and Bucky's mind is back to normal in time to help take on Zola, Zemo, Crossbones (if he's still alive/around at that point) and all of AIM.

I think the first half of the movie has them dealing with Winter Soldier, Russia, and Crossbones for a little bit. But then they actually find a way to turn Bucky good and reveal some of Zola and Zemo's overall plans. Where Bucky is thrust onto the good side and has to help the team take on Zola Zemo and AIM.
It seems a lot will be based on the plan for the Shield and Widow movies, which is why some other wonderful characters may come into it. The plan may have originally been for certain characters and villains to show up in the Shield vs AIM movie if made... but now CA2 is more of a team effort and will prob include a little bit of those plots.

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