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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
We got Angel on screen for 5 Minutes.A Juggernaut out of ultimate line.Multiple man as Villain.Callisto miscast and having powers she never had In comcis.
I never said all those were well done lol. But it's probably the only chance we will get to see them on the big screen. Bryan dropped Archangel from X2 (he was going to be a prisoner at Stryker's base) and he also dropped a young version of Multiple Man from either X1 or X2 (I can't remember which!). Juggernaut was recognisably the character; the worst mistake was that 'I'm the Juggernaut bytch' line. And I didn't mind the reinvention of Callisto either; the worst thing was her name never being uttered once in the movie. They just gave her Caliban's mutant-sensing powers and enhanced her speed and agility to Quicksilver levels to make her a tougher opponent for Storm. While I'd also like to see the version with an eyepatch and tentacles, I'm content with what we did get as it seemed to fit the tone and world of the films.

My point is that it's probably the only chance we will get to see those characters.

The Avengers Isn't fair compassion since you had 2 Iron Man films and a Thor and Captain America film before Avengers.and Avengers like all marvel films has changes made.Plus the Disney/Marvel Studios films are mostly taken from Ultimate marvel line.If you are like me and started reading comics In 1980's or 1990's(Depending on your age)
MS films aren't for you.They mocked the classic Comic Captain America costume In First Avenger.Bruce banner In The Avengers wasn't the banner classic 616 fansknow he basiclly was David banner from Hulk Tv show.Tony Stark Is mostly taken from Ultimates.Stark,Black Widow,hawkeye,and Nick fury In The Avengers are taken from Ultimates
and Banner Is taken from TV show.That Is half the cast right there not based on what Is now known as 616 universe

Whether Ultimate or 616, they still look/act like the characters in the books, for the most part. Black Widow looked better in Iron Man 2 though. I've been reading comics since the Jurassic Era so I've seen all the various continuities. When you saw the Avengers stood in that circle in Manhattan, it was inarguably the Avengers, in their individual costumes and with a CGI Hulk looking like he belonged there. It shows it's possible to do it.

The more we have these Fox VS DIsney wars breaking out It just makes me want to see Disney/MS films less.
Well, there may be a lot of them, that's true, but Disney/Marvel is going to keep on trucking while it has the success and money. So we can't do anything about them. Most of Marvel's films don't leave you with much when they are over; there is nothing to think about, no grand ideas. But that's where the X-Men movies have done well (even if I discovered that the Cure story of X3 was offensive to many gay people).

Anyone who does X-Men has a much harder job than the Avengers.
I'm not sure that's true.

The X-Men films have some very good and memorable casting.

They don't have to waste too much time on contrived origins because mutation explains it away easily (but I would like to see a personal origin story for Storm incorporated after all this time)

They have built-in themes - alienation/discrimination/tolerance and evolution/power

They have an amazing variety of characters to choose from

They have people with incredible and very visual, cinematic powers.

They have some wonderful stories to adapt.

I have been one of the most loyal and unwavering supporters of this franchise. But even I can see - and discuss - the good and the bad in it and realise there is room for improvements here and there. No one here is hating on Singer, we all wish he stayed on to do his version of X3, but we are just hoping the films now step up to the next level and that a more structured franchise is built to avoid continuity errors and contradictions.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde

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