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Default Re: Favourite batman director

Originally Posted by theman View Post
this is exactly how i feel about TDK and TDKR. tim burtons 2 films are far more batman then nolans 2 sequels. as batman films they just suck to me. i was able to get over the fact that batman drives a tank in the new ones, in the hopes he would aquire more bat-centric vehicles later on. instead all he got was a tumbler lite motorcycle and a giant lobster transformer toy. LAME. tim burton gave us not only the ultimate batmobile but the coolest batplane and then the batboat. all have the slick bat design. i even thought the Forever vehicles were great too, even with the blue neon. but the tank tumbler stuff just never felt "batman" to me. i remember thinking oh great, more GI joe toys. batmans point is that he obsessed with his creation, thus his vehicles have a bat-look to them and hes got batsymbols everywhere. but no, he just goes to fox like his own personal Q and just borrows stuff.

the only nolan batman film i really liked was batman begins. the narrows was how ALL of gotham should have looked. not just one part of it. the other 2 movies were just chicago renamed gotham. creativly speaking, the nolan films are dull visually which is ironic considering they are based on a visual medium of comic books. they look more like bond movies of the 90's then they do batman films.
There's nothing wrong with preferring one take of the character over another, so let me just say that. I love Burton's films and love the visual style there. They're aesthetically wonderful, and take you to another world. When it comes to characterization, I preferred Nolan's films. The fact that it felt like he captured the essence of the characters while still putting a more "real world" stamp on it was very appealing to me. That's not to say I think it is the "one and only" Batman, but what he did with the character really excited me and felt right for the times. And I think his films are still beautifully shot and have a different kind of visual appeal.

And as far as the Tumbler goes...

Sure, Dark Knight Returns is kind of it's own thing, but it's also a monumental story in Batman's history and it set the precedent for a more tank-like, militaristic take on the Batmobile. So it's not like Nolan's version came out of nowhere. On top of that, the Tumbler did have a subtle Bat-motif. It's meant to resemble a bat with its wings folded up.

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