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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

This is what he said about that group pic with April...

TMNT_height and physical structures model sheetby *Santolouco

Traditional Art / Drawings / Illustration / Conceptual©2012-2013 *Santolouco

Hey y'all!
This is more or less how these guys, and April, are going to look on the new mini-series I'm writing and will be drawing for IDW's TMNT.
Nickelodeon asked for subtle changes but no big deal so, the changes will show up on next studies or directly in the books.
Originally I wanted to make them even smaller compared to humans and with more contrastant heights between themselves (I may post these studies later). But you can't win them all, and I'm happy with the consensus we got to.

I've been trying new stuff for a while now (new for me - how I used to draw them), mixing elements I like of other people's turtles.

My main influences came from Ross and Dan Duncan , but I admit I really dug the new Nickelodeon's animated series so, a little bit comes from there too.

Also there's my own personal touch that goes back to a rough sketch I did years ago.

"The Secret History of The Foot Clan"
is set for late 2012 with story created by me
and co-script by me and Erik Burnham.

I'm really excited about this and every now and then I'll be posting new stuff here so you can check it out.
Here's an un-official piece for it:

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