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Default Re: Favourite batman director

Visually the Burton films were wonderful. But when it came to the writing, it was god awful and very amateur. Especially BR.

Burtons movies were fun, comic booky in tone, looked cool, sounded cool, but that's it for me. I never felt any sort of emotion in them. And i prefer that kind of feeling over just a popcorn flick that only makes you walk out of a cinema (or living room) with nothing but "that was fun". I like that in an action movie or comedy or even horror. But Batman means more to me than just a popcorn flick. So i side with Nolans trilogy. It was fun AND brainy as well as touching at times. Inspirational is another word i would use for Nolans Batman that i couldnt use for Burtons. It was all very cold. I guess that's what the Burton/Shumacher movies were, just popcorny action movies, only the 1st two were darker.

Keatons batman is certainly a big part of my childhood (i wont talk about Shumachers) but if i first discovered those movies when i was a teenager or as an adult....i wouldn't care whatsoever.

I will say something about Returns though. I watched it recently and im convinced more than ever that it was just one big excuse to be horny LOL. Everything about Penguin & Catwoman in that damn movie is one big hornfest!

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