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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by CoolCadaver49 View Post
Very eager to hear about the new roster. I wouldn't really care if Hawkeye or Hulk were cut out, but there's no way that they're going to drop the green guy. Everybody loved him for some odd reason. Part of me wants to see more development of Hawkeye, but I think the part of me that wants to see new characters join the roster outweighs that.
I am interested to see if Whedon splits the team up a bit in the story. They did that with X2, and it worked out pretty well for new characters (Nightcrawler, Stryker, Deathstrike) and developing smaller characters (Iceman and Pyro), though Cyke did get the shaft again, and they didn't have to fit in Toad or Sabretooth...

I could see Widow and Hawkeye off somewhere in a subplot, allowing for the core four to meet/work with the Pym's, Falcon, or... Peter Quill? That's working off of characters we know are going to join the MCU outside of A2...

...As for characters that could be introduced in A2, my top choices would be Carol Danvers and/or Black Panther. Twist that vibranium knife, T'Challa. Neither are likely, but those are my top picks.

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