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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
That's why I think there's a chance he could just be an evil member of the rings now. The toys and that part in the trailer where it looks like some sort of nuclear blast has gone off really have me looking at the possibility that he does factor into the movie a lot more and actually reveals himself. I really don't see him having a big part if he does actually become Radioactive man in the film.

I was thinking when they changed the name it would make him not a factor anymore, but the doctor that injects Stark is definitely on the evil side of things.
Maybe that's who he is but the toys are playing up the character, or were already in place and now he's less of a factor in the movie-- but still Radioactive Man in disguise or something.

Love your quote btw Cherokee. Queens of the Stone Age is by far my favorite band. Their new album's gonna be awesome. I'm looking forward to a lot of good music this year. New Tool finally, new Black Sabbath.
Here!! Here!!! I'm also a QOTSA fan, by far my favorite band!!! (I'm listening to Go with the flow as I type ) and Josh Homme is the reason why I started playing guitar and IMHO one of the coolest guys in rock music.

Ok, sorry for getting off-topic, I just get excited when I find other QOTSA fans... :P


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