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Default Re: Cast The Young Avengers Movie!

I have had so many ideas how they can do this:

1st in the Captain Marvel film:
Carol Danvers (SWORD agent) team up with a Kree Soldier named Mar-Vell who is on the run from Yon-Rogg after Rogg tricks him into thinking the Kree are out for his blood because he fathered a child with the Skrull Princess Anelle.
So we set up that Teddy exists.

Next (or at the same time) in the Ant Man movie:
Hank Pym runs the lab funded by Mr. Van Dyne, working for Pym in the lab (directly for Pym) are Bill Foster and Scott Lang. Lang is an ex con and was given a second chance by Pym. He is also shown to have a daughter named Cassie. Later on Pym drops the Ant Man persona, joins the Avengers, and becomes Giant Man and then Yellow Jacket. While Pym is with the Avengers Lang's daughter is kidnapped forcing Lang (with Foster's help) to steal the Ant Man suit and tech and become the new Ant Man.
This sets up that Cassie Lang exists and is connected to the Ant Man legacy.

Not sure how to bring in the others like Patriot, Iron Lad, Vision (the kid version), Hawkeye.
But Bucky was experimented on with Zola's version of the Super Soldier Serum. So maybe others were as well, including Isaiah Bradley. Maybe he went on to fill the void left by Captain America's disappearance in his own way or something and passed on his super genes to his grandson Elijah who becomes the Patriot.

The movie that brings them all together could be just like the comic, Kang the Conqueror's young self brings them all together to stop Kang from destroying the past. So that brings Iron Lad into it all.

Still unsure how to bring in Speed or Wiccan. Mutants aren't part of the Marvel Avengers movie universe. And the rights to the concept may be owned by another studio, and the rights to the characters of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and definitely Magneto aren't owned by Marvel studios.

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