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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by jaqua99
her deal is the same as mine. We are sick of spiderman being discussed in this thread. He will not be on the roster in avengers 2. This thread is about the roster, and other characters who may appear, ie, vision, wasp, antman, giantman, or characters who may dissappear. This isn't about phase 2 characters, this is about the Avengers roster. Far too many times this thread has been off topic because Venom wants to try to convince us that Spiderman should be in the movie, whether it be a cameo or whatever, cause it will benefit sales. And it then turns into a spiderman i the avengers thread, which is NOT the topic of this thread, I was so close to PM'ing a mod about this.
I was thinking about Hobgoblin... He's a great mod, and I'm sure he can help you.

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