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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by I'm Venom View Post
I was thinking about Hobgoblin... He's a great mod, and I'm sure he can help you.


Originally Posted by CoolCadaver49 View Post
Yeah, no, I kind of got that by reading spideymouse's post. I specifically edited my post so that this kind of rant wouldn't pop up. I mean, you actually quoted the part of my post where I said I got it, so you'd think... Nevermind, I guess it's best to just get it out of your system. Go ahead, Tell us how you really feel.
I didn't even notice that to be honest, I was rushing, and only noticed the "whats your problem" part llol, my bad there, but damn strait I am gunna tell you how i really feel, in fact, I already did. nothing wrong with being fustrated, and speaking my mind. If you get fustrated by something I say, or do, by all means, blow up at me lol. But i'm done pointing fingers, and i am sorry all, i can be an irritable person, most certainly.

Obviously the big four wont get shafted, I agree. Don't understand why you think Widow's role should get cut down. If they are juggling in new characters, I don't see where there will be room for Black Widow OR Hawkeye in the story, and if I had to pick one to be included in any meaninful way, it would, without a doubt, be Black Widow. Not only has she proven herself more versatile and useful than Hawkeye, she's also vastly more interesting (both of which are only understandable, seeing as her screen-time dwarfs his). In the end, I could see them both getting sidelined in favor of new characters, but not one or the other.

Ideally for me? They introduce maybe one new character and further develop the original team's dynamic. Doubt that's going to happen though...
Oh personally, I don't think Widow's role should be cut down. Did I say that? If I did, I didn't mean it like that, NONE of them should leave, but if one of them did HAVE to leave, I would prefer it be widow, simply because I'd like to see Hawkeye explored a bit more. I don't think either one of them will go, like you, it will be one or the other, but if one of them does, I would prefer it be widow. Though hopefully it's neither.

and I wouldn't be so sure. We may not get more than two new characters. Either way, I feel like any NEW members would sort of play second fiddle to the big four, as they certainly seem to be the central avengers. They could further develop their dynamic, if the other avengers are in a way, supporting characters.

Not supporting, but you know what I mean

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